Blessings from Obedience

January 16 
A few years ago, I preached from Genesis 1 – Genesis 24 in a little under 52 weeks. Though I have grown much since that time, I though that some would benefit form the insights from such a rich study time. So, I have decided to share my introduction and conclusion from a sermon prepared from the whole of Genesis 17:



  • Finish this sentence: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This is known as Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion.
  • Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientist and philosophers in his day. He spent his time looking at the ordering of the universe, which is what a scientist does. Scientist cannot make the ordering of the universe they can only observe it. For Newton, his belief in God was the reason that he could see the ordering. He believed in God. I don’t want to paint an untrue picture of Newton. He denied the Trinity, which meant that his beliefs were not in keeping with the Scripture. Newton, however, did make a great contribution to science and gave credit to a creator God.
  • This morning we are going to look at an ordering that God has placed in the universe. A lesson that God taught Abraham and continues to teach it down even to us today. That lesson is: God blesses those who obey Him, or say it another way, those who obey God are the blessed of God.
  • Let’s think about where we have come from in the story of Abraham so far:
    • After the Fall, God promised the world that He would restore it back to Himself, death was pronounced but it would not be the final word.
    • God began to make his plan specific in chapter 12 of Genesis when he called Abram to trust in His Word and leave his family to go to a promised land where he would have offspring as numerous as the stars in the sky
    • We have seen God delivering enemies into Abram’s hand; God appearing to Abram to reassure Him of His sure word, and we have seen Abram fail to trust in God a few times now.
    • Our last picture that we saw of Abram was one of a passive man falling into sin by listening to the voice of his loving wife instead of the loving, all powerful God by trying to short-circuit the plan that God had promised.
  • In our text this morning we are going to see a merciful, gracious God coming to Abram, giving both he and Sarai a new name, giving them a sign of the covenant that He will make with them, and calling for His absolute trust and obedience.
  • Let’s read the text together.
  • What a picture of God’s lovingkindness! Finally, the cry of Abraham’s heart that we have seen since chapter 15 will be answered. He will have a son! However, before he is to be blessed he must obey.
  • God fulfilled the promise to Abraham and is still fulfilling that promise to him. God sent a King from the loins of Abraham, in that moment when God intricately invaded history in the incarnation. He was cut down for our sins so that we could be given the right to be called the children of God. Have you given your life to Him, have you confessed your sins and turned from them disregarding the old way of life and made it your effort to move forward walking with King Jesus?