Mercy in the Midst of Judgment

January 18 
In 2011 a Kentucky woman committed an unbelievable act. She kidnapped one of her pregnant facebook friends, cut the baby out of the woman and left her to die in an isolated area. She took her baby to the doctor and tried to say that the baby was born premature. The doctor found out that the baby was not hers and she confessed to kidnapping the baby’s mother and leaving the mother to die. She took the police to the location and they found the body of the baby’s mother. A jury found her guilty and the she is now facing the death penalty and spending the rest of her life in prison.
We do not like to think of God’s wrath, but God’s wrath is something that should make us worship Him. What if God did not punish sin? Like the judge in the case of the woman, what if he just let the woman go free? Before we can understand the wrath of God we must understand that He is righteous and Holy
Remember what Abraham’s question to the Lord was in chapter 18? God is the all knowing Just Judge as we learned in 18, therefore, he will do what is just and right in each and every circumstance. 
Notice, as you read Genesis 19, God demonstrating mercy in the midst of judgment.